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Chris and Joan's September 2012 trip pictures.

Chris tried to post a picture each day and was a failure at it ..

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Dan and Nat's Travel pictures.

The 2008 to 2011 gallery of pics.

Joan and Chris September France trip gallery of pictures and the blog

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My pictures for the year 2000!

Joan, Andrew and I went from Newboro to Kingston for our summer holiday 2000!

On February 6 2000 Andrew went flying with Ray!

I had to work new-years eve 1999. MM was walking by the Bank of Canada and took this picture of me at around 12:30 Jan 1 2000.

Our Spring 1999 Florida Trip pictures.

This summer Tom and I sailed from Ottawa to Carillon.

We visited the Hinckley boat yard on our Maine trip in 1999 and sailed among these beautiful boats for a day (in a Rhodes 19 ;^)

A picture of my family (and the Albacore) at Alymer Island. Summer of 1994 (50K bytes)
Picture taken looking about North with Alymer shore in the background.

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